World’s top mining rate exchange begins ICO sales – Press Release

InerEX’s exclusive features:

  • AI: InerEX devised a wide range of additional services for supporting the successful investment activity of all kinds of users. Above all, a price prediction service used by AI is unique compared to the others. Users can anticipate the price of certain coin and effectively allocatetheir asset with InerEX’s AI prediction. And It’s totally free for all users.

  • Periodical Airdrop: InerEX is going to airdrop some promising or listing-expected coins for users. everybody has spent too much time and given away their personal information to get airdrop coin until now. But there is no need to waste the time and provide personal information for anonymous people. But at InerEx, REX coin holders can get super promising coins so easily.

  • ICO market: InerEX’s ICO market has specificity. All projects at InerEX’s ICO market are thoroughly analyzed by specialist of accelerator, BiStableX. Moreover, the ICO projects sold at InerEX considerably can be listed at ENCRYPTH and IMDEX.

Because of the close cooperation with IMBLOCK, the ICO projects are sold out very soon since the projects are likely sold also at ENCRYPTH, and IMDEX.

At this sight, the company of ICO project can reduce the risk on unsoldtokens, and investors also can avoid the risk of investing some ‘scam projects’.

Benefits of Private sale participants.

Top 10 REX holders can be a Super Node. Top 10 Super Nodes have the right to list certain coin by their preference and take dividend of 20% of transaction fees by the coin.

The reason of the existence of Super Node is to make the win-win situation for users and institutional investors. Based on the right of listing coin, SuperNodes can contribute to making a sustainable development exchange as a business partner of InerEX. They are not likely to dump the REX coin because of these benefits. So the price of REX coin and the exchange can be very likely stable due to a role of Super Node. So ultimately, our general users can enjoy the safest investment at InerEX.

The Schedule of ICO Sales.

InerEX started a private sale on Oct 8, and the ICO sale is going to be closed On November 20. For Institutional Investors, It’s very possible to be the Super Node. So it’s going to be a nice chance of being a part of InerEX. Just 20% of gross amount of REX is supposed to be sold to institutional investors. There is a market expectation on early sold out.

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