Tron (TRX) Founder Claims They Aim to Return Power Back to Users

and CEO of
Tron (TRX),
Justin Sun recently gave an interview
to CoinSpeaker, where he spoke about the key values and objectives of the
company. He also shared insights on how TRX stands out from other similar
projects in the market.  

talking about company key goals, Sun stated that their aim is “to decentralize the internet. That
means we want to return to the vision of the original internet, which is to
give everyone the power to share information freely. Right now, that power is
mostly in the hands of large companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google”.

Key Competition

Further on Sun was asked about the key similar
projects to Tron. The interviewer mostly concentrated on Ethereum and EOS to
which Sun replied: “in the near term, yes. Both companies are looking for a
decentralized app ecosystem. If we’re successful longer term, the competition
will be Facebook, Google, Amazon and others”.

Moving to next question, the CEO pointed out the
key differences between Tron and its competitors. “We use DPoS, which means
delegated proof of stake. DPoS is a consensus mechanism where 27 super
representatives produce the blocks who are in-turn voted for by TRX account
holders. We can settle everything within our community by voting on a proposal.
It’s a lot more efficient… It’s not like Ethereum where the
miners fight against the developers. We also have much-better throughput than
Ethereum and Bitcoin, and no costs for executing transactions on smart
contracts”, explained Sun.

Sun also was asked about the uses of
cryptocurrencies in the lives of ordinal people who are not involved in the
field. Here the CEO highlighted that many still do not realize the full power
and prospective of the field. “Facebook owns the information you share there.
Amazon and Google know where you, what you’re doing and what you buy. A
decentralized ecosystem returns power back into the hands of users”, continued

Further Objectives of Tron

Further on, as a main objective of Tron for 2019,
Sun stated building trust in the fields of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The complete interview is available here.

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