Mozilla Launches a Feature Blocking Crypto mining and Fingerprinting

Mozilla has launched a fresh feature of anti-tracking for its browser, Firefox. The newly added feature will enable users to block not only crypto mining sites but also fingerprinting sites. The internet browser firm has aligned with Disconnect blocking scripts of both. For this purpose, the company has collected domains list over a while. These features are live in Firefox Nightly Beta 68, as well as, Beta 67 though it is not enabled by default.

Feature to be enabled

Users of the browser using the latest beta versions should enable the anti-tracking feature manually only. It is available under the main menu enabling users to block both fingerprinters and crypto miners. If this feature is enabled, then the browser will block the scripts identified by Disconnect, which would otherwise engage in crypto mining or fingerprinting. Mozilla indicated that the company would take steps to make these protections default in the upcoming weeks. Also, in its future releases, the feature will become a default one.

It’s an important move as growing cyber-attack by criminals and looting the digital coins from users and exchanges. The year 2018 has seen more than a billion dollar being stolen from various sources. One of the tactics adopted by hackers is that they use the browsers and place the bug to steal key information. The anonymity clause ably helps cyber criminals to hack the sites and loot cryptos in the process.

Unethical Practical

For all practical purposes, fingerprinting scripts are termed as a corrupt practice undertaken by some web portals. It involves harvesting a snapshot of the user’s PC configuration to create a digital fingerprint. This process enables to track every action in the web accessed by users. These included clearing of cookies from the system. Most users are unaware of malpractices being carried out by certain sections.

As far as cryptocurrency mining scripts are concerned, it involves costly operations and happens without the consent or knowledge of users. The digital coin mining uses CPU to mine virtual asset. This process will slow down the PC apart from draining the battery. On top of it, digital coin mining will increase the electric bill steeply.

Viraj Shah

Viraj Shah

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