Ethereum Classic {ETC} updates; price swells, EB-5 Seminar, OpenRPC 1.0.0

Ethereum Classic is ranked at #20 on coinmarketcap, ahead of Tezos. The price of ETC is at $6.17 and a growth rate of 5.28% was observed. The trading volume recorded in the span of the past 24-hours amounts to $546.078 million. The supply currently has 112,202,402 ETC tokens in play. The total market cap of Ethereum Classic is $692.334 million.

The Atlantis Hard Fork is slated to be initiated two months later.

Ethereum Classic employs the original Ethereum Chain, after a hack carried out in 2016 resulted in million of Ether being stolen. This prompted Vitalik to kick-off Ethereum, which is currently the second-most popular cryptocurrency.

ETC Labs hosted Golden Gate Global for the EB-5 seminar. Those who wished to become a permanent resident of the U.S. attended this event. The program was titled, “A Pathway to your U.S. Green Card”.

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In case of security, Ethereum Classic has better abilities in comparison to the Ethereum network. Although, Vitalik is considering partnering with Bitcoin Cash, so as to solve the scaling concerns plaguing the ETH network. Transaction verification is carried out on the data layer; hence many have criticized this suggestion.

This is due to plenty of problems on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, including vulnerability to 51% attacks. The BCH chain also has low hashing power, in comparison to Bitcoin and even Bitcoin SV.

Ethereum rose by 7.28%. ETH is currently priced at $221.67. Trading volume is roughly $7.314 billion, whereas total market cap stands at $23.73 billion.

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