Cardano co-founder claims Wikipedia is censoring him

  • Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson stated that Wikipedia is removing his project’s paper as a citation.
  • He asked his followers to “file a complaint to Wikimedia” concerning the removals.

On March 25, Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson accused Wikipedia of repeatedly censoring him. Apparently, Wikipedia has regularly removed any citation of Cardano’s research paper from its article on “Proof-of-Stake.” As per the online encyclopedia, the main reason for removal is “conflict of interest.”

Hoskinson tweeted:

Wikipedia commercial censorship. The single most cited proof of stake paper can’t be mentioned in the PoS article!? – @IOHK_Charles

He asked his followers to “file a complaint to Wikimedia” concerning the removals. Other specific details remain unclear at the time. In the past, Wikipedia has been hostile towards the board of cryptocurrency projects that tried to tie their project to already-existing articles. Hoskinson, on the other hand, has roused his followers many times before by using sensationalism. 

Twitter reactions:


And yet Wikipedia accepts donations in Crypto -@MBP_Crypto

Please explain why you have deleted articles on Cardano ADA cryptocurrency? 15th most popular cryptocurrency currently. No more donations from me then, thought you were transparent and informative #ada #iohk #cardano #charleshoskinson _@cryptostrang


I had previously not known the ins and outs of this wikipedia debacle…but it has greatly changed my perception of them. What a shambolic company.


Cardano is not asking for special treatment, just fair treatment that is consistent with others. -@SatoshiLovesYou

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